I'm A Winner feat. Rampage of the Flipmode Squad

from by Flipperachi

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(Verse 1: Flipperachi)

I’m taking these steps ahead nothing is pushing me back
And if tires didn’t exist see me pushing the Lac
I’m a worldwide hustler see me pushing the tracks
Wining is worth more than getting p**** and stacks
And I was born gifted and blessed to feel the success
Invest my energy to dominate and suppress
But see if all this is wasted and I fall on my chest
Get off the floor stand tall never fall into stress
Im a winner hot in the winter
1st place trophy 3ala 7sabi dinner
Money is thicker because of my shows your pocket is thinner
Sorry for stealing your fans Im guilty as a sinner
Im a 2SEAS soldier reppin Bahrain to the fullest
I spit like an ozzy so try to hide in the bushes
Get splattered like a tomato dodging my bullets
Run wen I lay my finger on the trigger n pull it

(Chorus x2)

I’m going to reach the top
I’m going to lead the block
You can carry on with your little plots
Im gon carry on I will never stop
Im winner

(Verse2: Rampage)

It’s been a minute now your boy is gon bubble
Tell the world F you now the game is in trouble
Your boy is hitting doubles
This is how I do when I’m running through the tunnel
People want to squad up
Now they want to huddle
Rampage I’m blowing it down I’m so humble
This time around I’ma take the shuttle
Skip all of that green doing what I do
If you really don’t like it middle finger goes to you
You, you and you in and out of town breaking bread with my crew
I still spread love yo the Brooklyn way
On top of my game I got something to say
I’m a winner from jump
Still choking the skunk
When I’m hitting the stage the fans giving it up
Salute the lieutenant son I’m back in the game
Ayo I’m still Legendary I aint got to explain

(Chorus x2)

I’m going to reach the top
I’m going to lead the block
You can carry on with your little plots
I’m gon carry on I will never stop
I’m a winner

(Verse 3: Flipperachi)

Life is short so Im taking advantage
Never lose any chance till my wishes are granted
No I don't need a genie I need a chance believe me
Achieving and reaching the clouds can nobody exceed me
Aiming internationally Ima master
Anything that I face yeah Im a natural disaster
Call me sandy storming on you bastards
I been fast now am only getting faster
Estree7 if you think you got us under
I feel like I m Stevie Wonder
No, I can’t see it but I feel it
I must succeed because I need it
Proceed to the finish line with a speed of thunder
Cups and medallions
I give souvenirs everyday blessed like bunch of black stallions
One love for companion
I dont lose retaliating like a bunch of mad Italians


from Straight Out Of 2Seas, released August 20, 2013
Produced by DJ Outlaw



all rights reserved


Flipperachi Bahrain

Bahraini rap artist Flipperachi. Get to know him more on www.djoutlaw.com

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